Model Kits

Check out our range of model kits from Trumpeter, Tamiya, AMT, Revell and more that you can buy online!

At RCMA, we are dedicated to enabling you to bring your envisioned models to life. Our diverse array of model kits caters to every interest, ensuring you'll find that perfect addition to your collection. Whether your passion lies in military vehicles, civilian aircraft and cars, trains, boats, space vehicles or even sci-fi, we've got you covered. 

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Since 2011, we've been providing top brands to the Australian community, including model kits from ICM, Italeri, Trumpeter, Tamiya, AMT, and Revell, and more recently Gundam Bandai and Hong Kong Models, serving it with unparalleled industry expertise and customer support, becoming a premier destination for hobby supplies nationwide. So take a look at our categories of model kits and find what you need.

Model Kits of All Types of Vehicles

We can say with 99% certainty that you can find a model kit for any type of vehicle you are passionate about in one of our collections. At RCMA, we offer model kits of bicycles, boats, cars, construction vehicles, civilian aircraft, farming vehicles, military vehicles, motorbikes, spaceships, trains, and trucks.

Prehistoric, Modern, and SciFi Model Kits

In case your passion lies more in the futuristic, check out these sci-fi model kits - you will find everything from a figure of the Mandalorian in full beskar armour to a model of Deep Space 9 from Star Trek to the Batman Forever Batmobile. And the newest addition to our collection are fully detailed Gundam model kits - you can find Gundams in scale from 1/144 all the way to the huge 1/48!

In case your interests don’t lie in models of the far, distant future, we still have a lot to offer you. Is there a dinosaur that you would like to build and paint? Take a look at our collection of model kits of dinosaurs and see if you can find it. Looking for something more modern? Our collection of model kits of civilian figures includes models like Henry Ford and American firefighters.  

Premade Models, Tools, Accessories, And More!

Besides model kits you can assemble, we offer pre-owned model kits and diecast models if assembly and painting are not your forte. You can also find model kit accessories to add that extra touch to your models or stands and displays to present your work. We also offer premier cement for metal and wood so that your finished models are as durable as if they were assembled in a factory. 

A Passion Project for All Ages and Experience Levels

Model kits aren't just projects but gateways to enjoyment and fulfilment for enthusiasts of all ages. From novices to seasoned artists, constructing and painting model kits will hone fine craftsmanship and artistic skills. Once completed, these models reflect the meticulous attention to detail invested in their creation and you should display them proudly. Our wide selection of model kits allows you to find the perfect one for your interests and level of expertise.

Order Your Model Kit Online or In Person

You can order your model kit online and we will ship it right to your address or you can visit our store and make your purchase in person. In any case, if you need help with finding the perfect model kit for you or as a gift or have any questions, feel free to contact us, we will gladly help you in any way we can.